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When Sabrina Crowned Steve Cochran With a Vase

Confidential, November 1957

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Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

When Sabrina Crowned Steve Cochran With a Vase

The Crockery flew when blonde Sabrina stormed in and surprised Steve.


WHEN SABRINA CRASHED the royal enclosure at the Ascot races in England recently, a rare assortment of dukes, viscounts, lords and barons popped their eye-balls, but no one took affront. Even Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family didn't appear to notice the stately blonde in the picture hat and flowered organdy dress who ventured onto this hallowed patch of ground which is so exclusive that divorced persons are not allowed to enter.

Sabrina demurely strolled around the royal piece of real estate for more than 15 minutes, then quietly departed; but if the blue-blood set knew the real lowdown on Sabrina, the royal gateman would probably have given her the bounce before she even got one shapely leg through the enclosure gate.

Like the time fair Sabrina invaded a shop in Chelsea and, in a towering rage, personally tore up all the nude pictures of herself that were on sale. Or the night she bounced an antique vase off screen star Steve Cochran's noggin when she caught him two-timing her in his fancy Belgrave Square flat.

Cochran Discovered Her Before TV Did

In case you. hadn't heard, Sabrina, neé Norma Sykes, is England's answer to Marilyn Monroe. She is known the length and breadth of the British Isles, as television's dumb blonde and first became famous merely by standing in front of the camera and breathing. Since her dynamic dimensions are a busty 41 inches, breathing was enough. It wasn't long before most of England's TV fans were tuning in just to watch her inhale and exhale.

Hollywood's Steve Cochran discovered Sabrina's assets long before the television moguls did and their romance was the talk of London town until the usual complications set in. Cochran managed to rent one of the most luxurious apartments in London's elite Belgrave Square and Sabrina was an almost constant guest.

As a token of her love, Sabrina gave Steve a dog, but this wasn't just an ordinary, every-day dog. It was a king-sized Alsatian pooch that looked a little bigger than a pony and a little smaller than as horse and it was a common sight to see him yanking Cochran through the streets of London.

She Didn't Believe His Story

But big as the dog was, he wasn't a big enough bond to keep Sabrina and Steve together. Cochran, who has a way with the dolls, whether it be New York, Hollywood or London, started playing the field and, one night, Sabrina caught up with him. He broke a date with her on some feeble pretense, but the British blonde didn't believe his story and stormed over to his flat where she surprised him with a tender, young brunette.

Sabrina gave Steve a dog - and a wallop!

Sabrina picked up the nearest thing at hand, an antique vase, and hurled a perfect strike, the vase bouncing off Steve's head and smashing to smithereens on the carpet.

Cochran, who had been feeling no pain up to that time, thanks to a half bottle of scotch, moved in to counter attack and landed a couple of slaps, but Sabrina held her own in the in-fighting. The battle wound up in a draw - with the hefty, chesty blonde departing in a huff, leaving Cochran with a headache, a busted vase, and a new girl friend.

The next time Sabrina visited the actor's apartment, she made it plain that she had only come to see the dog. To prove he was not a fellow to be brushed off so lightly, Steve attended a formal dance a few nights later and turned his back on Sabrina every time she came near him. His indifference might have made an impression, if he hadn't already been Topic A of the party. In addition to being quite drunk, Steve was wearing tails, a white tie, a Sherlock Holmes hat and large riding boots.

When Cochran was leaving the country, Sabrina was ready to forgive him and even came to the airport to see him off, but Steve never forgot that bump on his head. Although his flight was delayed 45 minutes, everybody on the plane disembarked except the actor and his dog. They stayed put, even though Steve was told Sabrina was waiting. Her only comment was, "I just came to see the dog off."

But now that Sabrina has rubbed elbows with royalty at Ascot, even the dogs she pets have to be blue-blooded - and as for Steve Cochran, he's just another commoner in her book.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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