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SABRINA through the looking glass

The Best of QT, 1950s

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

This is the fairy tale of our time: Norma Sykes to Sabrina, Sex Bomb of the Atom Age. Men dream about her, girls dream of being like her.

Some critics, wicked fairies to this Cinderella, say she's just a dumb blonde with a Bust. Sour grapes, we say: Sabrina is far from dumb.

The girl with the top heavy figure remembers where she's come from - and knows where she is going. To the top.

Sabrina Blonde Charmer

Blonde charmer in black lace - a daydream come to life. Sabrina confounded the critics when she topped the bill in her first big stage show. She sang, she danced, she cracked jokes. The customers came to look - and stayed to applaud talent.

Sabrina in doorway

Curtain up! reveals Sabrina on the sun balcony of London's more luxurious hotel suite.

 Sabrina with mirrors

What could be better to look at than Sabrina? The answer: three Sabrinas caught in a reflective mood.

Well-upholstered herself, Britain's No.1 glamour girl makes a pretty picture in a restful corner of a London hotel suite. Furnished regardless of expense, the suite is a favourite with the rich and famous the world over.


Once she dreamt of fame. Now she is the symbol of glamour for millions: the girl of their dreams.

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