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Beautiful Britons #1

November 1955

Hi Mark,
Came across these photos in Beautiful Britons No.1 (Nov. 1955)
They are from pages 20,21,22 & 23. I don't know if you have got them.
Best Regards, David J

No, I didn't David. Many thanks, once again for your devotion to the Lady of the Lumps. The original captions appear below the pictures; as usual, they make no sense whatsoever. I think the author had a furniture fetish, however!

A very elegant chaise-longe

Quite an eye-catching rug, that

Notice the brooch below... and the fine, upholstered stool opposite


Those very early shots of Norma Sykes were taken in 1954 and gave us Norma's first cover, on Blighty.

Sabrina - Norma Sykes
Blighty , April 1954
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