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You'll be fitter if you're fatter

Australasian Post, 27 Feb 1958

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes
SABRINA . . . work for a similar figure, girls, and good health can be yours.

GIRLS who are well built are less likely to catch colds than those who are slim, says Mr Arthur Woodburn, a London MP.

Dieting, dancing too often, working overtime and lack of fresh air also reduce a girl's natural protection against colds and her resistance to disease, ac­cording to Mr. Woodburn, who was concerned in the setting up of a centre for tuberculosis re­search.

Flimsy underwear and too much smoking are other factors that lead to ill-health, and girls who prefer a cup of tea and a sandwich to a sensible meal are asking for trouble, he says.

Sabrina has the type of figure girls should aim at, in Mr Woodburn's opinion, but the British Medical Council aren't so sure.

They say that a "Sabrina trend" could be a bad as well as a good influence on young girls. "Girls who think they're ill-equipped because they are not shaped like Sabrina may develop an inferiority complex, and that would be a bad thing," they say.

"But," the BMA adds, "shapely girls can influence the average teenager to eat more and so be­come healthier. The thin, worrying type of girl who doesn't eat well often gets TB." A doctor at the National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis said many girls have the wrong idea about slimming.

"They don't bother to get medical advice and many of them buy drugs which are dangerous," he added.

BOYS at Georgia College (U.S.) say their ideal date doesn't drink or smoke, according to a university poll. She is sweet, dresses neatly, but not gaudily. She's broadminded and will kiss on her first date.

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