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Sabrina washes her hair

A.M. for June 21, 1955

All hail Sir James for providing this very odd but irresistible Sabrinastuff. I must say that these are some of the best pictures of her ever taken. Thanks, James!

TELEVISION, the experts tell us, is going to change the face of entertainment, bring new places and faces into the family living-room, and create its own very different brand of star material.

Sabrina, seen here shampooing her hair with an egg, is the girl who appears each week on British television, never says anything, merely acts out some little...

... domestic scene before the cameras. Britain's 10,000,000 or so viewers find her performances fascinating, though television critics can't see why.

As evidence of the last, here's Sabrina, Britain's TV discovery of the year - the beautiful Lancashire country girl who merely sits around in a negligee, doing something suitably negligent, while the television cameras record the artless scene and transmit it to the living-rooms of ten million transfixed televiewers.


Actually, Sabrina isn't sure that egg shampoos do much for her golden hair, but audiences are in favour of it.

Sabrina is 18 years old, has a 39½-inch bust, lives in a temporary "flat" measuring 8 feet by 7 feet,



Beautiful, egg-soaked girl wants to be an actress. she is learning acting and singing for a movie she's in.

and has it so packed with expensive clothes (including eight mink stoles) that she can hardly move around in the place.


Mink hair drier

Sabrina is probably the only girl in the world who is applauded for drying her hair with a mink stole.

She earns £20 sterling for each weekly appearance,

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes


Mink doesn't dry the hair very quickly, but her TV audiences don't seem to mind waiting with Sabrina.


and odd £50s for opening fairs, when she actually speaks a few words.

Glancing into the future, however, Sabrina guesses she may soon have to add something new to her act.

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