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Sabrina Gave Him The Eye

Australian Women's Weekly
25 Feb 1959 (page 31)
& 25 March 1959

Sabrina gave him the eye

ALWAYS carry your copy of The Australian Women's Weekly prominently under your arm.

This is the advice of Sydney businessman Bill Gresham, managing director of International Correspondence Schools in Australia and an avid reader of ours.

When Mr. Gresham was in Melbourne recently he bought his paper and tucked it under his arm.

A few blocks farther along he saw a crowd gathered around a coffee shop.

"What's on?" he asked.

"Sabrina's inside having a rup of coffee," he was told.

So Mr. G. went inside.

Sure enough, there was "Sabby" sipping coffee, and she fixed Mr. G. with the most dazzling smile.

"Well, I must be looking younger than I thought," he said to himself as he moved over in answer to her welcoming gaze.

But it wasn't Mr. Gresham who had caught Sabrina's eye; it was his copy of the paper with her picture on the cover.

She hadn't seen it, and, womanlike, was dying to.

Sequel was a pleasant coffee and chat, and, good salesman that he is, by the time Mr. Gresham left he had Sabrina signed up for one of his firm's correspondence courses - Italian, in preparation for an Italian film she is planning.

25 March 1959 (p.40)

The Weekly makes a hit...

SOME weeks ago we reported that carrying a copy of The Australian Women's Weekly helped Sydney businessman Bill Gresham meet Sabrina.

"Sabby" was featured on the cover of the paper - she hadn't seen a copy - so she asked Mr. G. if she could look at his.

But Mrs. F. W. William, of Brisbane, told us of quite a different sort of "hit" that she made:

"I was passing a friend's home recently with my copy of The Australian Women's Weekly rolled up in my hand.

"I heard a great commotion coming from the fowl-run. And as I passed the gate a dog rushed out with a chicken in his mouth.

"I gave him a swift slap with my Weekly, and he promptly released the squeaking chook.

"So Mr. Gresham's advice (to carry a copy of your paper always) can be very useful."

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