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Sabby becomes
a mermaid

Australia Women's Weekly
1 April 1959

Sabrina has taken to the water in Sydney like a mermaid - fishing, sailing, cruising and swimming.

On the M.V. Noela as the guest of skipper John Barraclough, she wore a royal-blue yachting sweater presented to her by radio man Jack Davey as a trophy for she sharks she did not catch on a recent big-game fishing expedition outside the Heads.

Sabrina fishing in Sydney 1959

The cats on Clark Island intrigued Sabrina who went ashore to make friends.

Sabrina fishing in Sydney 1959

Fish that got away were pursued with a net by Sabrina, who almost went overboard for a catch. Sabrina was a champion schoolgirl swimmer.

Sabrina fishing in Sydney 1959

Sabrina took her turn at the wheel and handled the big cruiser as expertly as her sportscar.

Sabrina fishing in Sydney 1959

At sea: Skipper John Barraclough (left), Sabrina, and her South Australian manager, Ray Bolwell, enjoy drinks on the deck.

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