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Guidelines for

Contributing Pictures to the Sabrina Site

Many thanks to the many people who have offered to delve into their precious magazines and extract the full, rounded Sabrina Goodness for the horde of Sabrina Fans across the globe.

Before dashing to the scanner or paint program, though, here are some recommendations for those wonderful souls keen to send juicy Sabrina stuff. They are mainly aimed at not losing detail or quality.

1. When scanning, use high resolution (e.g. 300 or 600 dpi or "print" resolution). If you set it to screen resolution (100dpi), pictures will be harder to work with if they need processing later. 300dpi is good. 600 is better!

2. Please do not digitally process or touch up pictures (e.g. softening, colour correction). I won't be able to undo modifications made on your end.

3. Keep JPG compression as low as possible . Every time a JPG is compressed it loses more information through "generational lossiness". It's better for me to compress it just once , during the final save before uploading to the site. You can send pictures as uncompressed TIF format if you like: this does not lose any detail when saved.

4. Please don't resize pictures . Upsizing them will mangle them, and downsizing will lose a lot of graphical detail. I always keep the massive original scans archived in case I need them later, because once pictures are downsized for the web, they cannot be enlarged again, and you never know when you might need them for another larger purpose! For example, when I was trying to read the words on the sign outside Sabrina's house I went back to the original big scans in the archives to get maximum picture quality.

These guidelines will mean pretty big file sizes when you email them to me, but rest assured my mailbox is a capacious one and you will be ensuring the maximum amount of Sabrina reaches the hungry masses. And as you know, Sabrina's philosophy was always 'Bigger is Better'.

Other points to consider

1. Please tell me if you'd like to be credited by your real name or would prefer an alias. Many of our contributors with a secret yearning for Sabrina don't want their parliamentary colleagues to catch on!

2. If you know the original publication date of magazines please let me know what it is. that helps me get magazine articles and pictures into some sort of chronological order. If you know the magazine a picture came from, that is also valuable data.

Many thanks again to all past, present and future contributors!

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