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The Sabrina Comic

A Life in Lingerie, by Paul O'Connell


Many years ago now in 2007, an artist, Neil, let me use an image from a Sabrina comic strip he was producing. Maybe I should call it a 'graphic novella' - I don't keep up with comic correctness.

Then in 2010 Paul O'Connell, another artist, wrote to say that Neil who was his collaborator in the comic had pulled out, leaving Paul to produce it. He was seeking permission to use images from my site for his Sabrina comic. I agreed.

Finally, in 2011, the fruits of his labours have arrived. Tipped off by Roger, I bought a copy of the Comix Reader , Issue 1 - only 1 pound for a lot of comics, including Sabrina! - and his delightful strip soon arrived.

Please buy a copy of your own - email Paul at thesoundofdrowning AT fastmail DOT fm

Now settle back and enjoy the Sabrina strip.
Click it to get the full version.

Sabrina comic

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