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If you google cunningly you can find a lot of Iron Chef merchandise...

Found in February 2016

"The culinary genius of the legendary Iron Chefs Hiroyuki Sakai, Katsuhiko Kobe and the eldest son of renowned Iron Chef Kenichi Chen, Kentaro Chen, who all have frequently demonstrated their presences in the "Iron Chef" - a Japanese Cooking Program with extremely high rating are back in Australia for another extravagant event. This time in Melbourne hosted in the RACV Melbourne Grand Ballroom. Don't miss a chance to meet the worlds famous Original Japanese Iron Chefs in person!
Enjoy this magnificent event with A SPECIAL FULL COURSE DINNER provided by The Iron Chefs with specially selected matching premium wine and sake by Executive Sommelier Masahiko Iga. At Iron Lounge, you will also be able to relish KIRIN BEER BAR and SAKE BAR, drinks plus seasonable canapés by Mark Normoyle (RACV Executive Chef) and Ikuei Arakane (Executive Japanese Chef). You can also experience various Japanese cultural entertainment with great performances by the professional Japanese calligrapher (Shodo) Junko Azukawa, the Koto player Brandon Lee and more during the event.

An extremely odd find on eBay - 1 July 2007. The back of the box says...

Welcome to Kitchen Stadium!
Get ready for codfish and tomatoes to start flying as The Iron Chef: Ultimate Cooking Challenge comes to your home. Based on the hit TV show, Iron Chef, this frentic board game pits four culinary challengers against each other in a race to build the perfect meal!
Do you prefer Chinese? French? Italian? Or how about Japanese? It all begins when the surprise ingredient is revealed. Spin the wheel and race about the board in an attempt to assemble a complete meal - appetizer, main course, and dessert!
The real Iron Chefs chop, dice, and mince - you need to collect, trade, and discard cards to beat your opponents. But pitfalls abound! Watch out for dull knives, burnt vegetables, and stoves that don't work. Complete your meal, enter the inner circle of Kitchen Stadium and await the Judges' decision! Defend your title! Will you be King of the Iron Chef? Allez Cuisine!

7 Dec 2009 - the worst attempt at Iron Chef merchandising ripoffs... "MADAME ALEXANDER 8" IRON CHEF DOLL" on eBay.

For only $9.99 (starting bid) plus $26.50 international shipping, you can win a precious doll (who bears no resemblance to anything related to Iron Chef) with -and this is the genius - a bloody WOODEN SPOON! Hence the "Iron Chef Doll". A rare treat for any idiot with a Paypal account and no brain.


The only reasonable offer I could think of was biologically impossibly, or at least incredibly uncomfortable.


The Apron

Mouse Mat

Sakai knife

The signature in close-up

A Chen T!

The boxed set of Iron Chef knives

And some more, in case you didn't have enough already...

Iron Chef Sakai's Royal Kona (Coffee for Royalty)
Chosen as his restaurant's signature coffee, it is a rich and smooth 10% Kona Coffee Blend Vienna roast.


Found on eBay, the description was: "This game is a Japanese Import Iron Chef Kitchen Stadium Tour multimedia disk for the Sega Saturn System. This multimedia disk contains chef profiles, introductions to various dishes and actual video clips from the famous Iron Chef TV show. This disk was released in very limited quantities and has become a highly sought after collector's item."

Gourmet Iron Chef Sauces...
I wonder how kosher they are

A sumptuously-printed set of 4 Iron Chef books -The Battle of Iron Chef published by Fuji - in Japanese. Sadly now out of print. I have bought volume 2 via Amazon and now search for the elusive others. Please let me know if you see them around. They are as rare as Nakamura victories. A recent sighting on eBay saw the set going for $80 a volume... a little rich for my blood. If you have seen them please let me know.

Can you collect the full set of Iron Chef trading cards?
All the kids in primary school are dying to get the rare one showing Sakai being attacked by a squid.

Iron Chefs Sakai and Chen

Relaxed Iron Chefs show the weapons used after Chen rescued Sakai from the squid.

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