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23 November 2002

hi author!

THAT IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST STORY I HAV EVA READ!! it even beats monty python and the holy grail...and that is saying something. that's about the highest compliment you will eva receive. so cherish it close to ur heart.

by the way, was that ever made into a book? or just put on the internet? wateva it was/is, there NEEDS TO BE A SEQUAL!! otherwise i will come to Alfred Hospital and personally rip out the plug on the life support machine that is pumping life into ur veins.

ok time for more compliments:

you write so well!! seriously i could picture it so clearly in my mind it was almost like watching a movie. apart from some the "elfa sits in your lap, and you sit in his" or something. that confused me slightly, but then again that's understandable seeming that i'm quite hebetudinous. seriously, that work is a masterpiece. do many ppl get to read it? if not it's a complete and utter unethical waste. it's like burning the mona lisa, or like putting michaelangelo's notes through a paper shredder.

so thankyou so much for the many hours i've spent pissing myself with laughter
and thankyou in advance for the sequal that i know you will write because i complimented u so much :P nah every single compliment was genuine and from the bottom of my heart. just the thought that there will be no more adventures of elfa, the reader and the slightly-erratic-and-errotic-minded author is unbareable. so please, WRITE ANOTHER ONE. or do i need to threaten you again?

meh about time i finished this complimentary email hey?

thanks so much :) and write another one. hang on...i'm goign in circles.

i'll stop. :)

yours sincerely

an extreemely devoted reader who's name is hidden craftily in her email address

24 November 2002


I started reading your webpage about 8 weeks ago. I stopped about four weeks ago. I mean, I finished it four weeks ago. I enjoyed your page so much I told my friend about it… and she has only just finished reading your page too. I actually found your page because I was looking for Australian myths (REAL ones) and I happened to come across your page. I thought it might have been of some use, until I started reading it. While it had absolutely no relevance to what I was doing for my english project, I thought it was awesome, and I was sad when there was nothing else to read. My friend told me that she sent you an email, so I decided to do the same thing. I hope u got her email, cos otherwise u really aren’t going to understand this email, but try to work it out nehow. So, if you do not write another set of stories, my friend and I are going to come into your hospital and RIP OUT the LIFE SUPPORT PLUGS!!! I know that that would be a bit stupid, cos then u could never write another story ever again, but that would be out REVENGE!!! And then I spose we would have to write some stories ourselves, however, I am not sure that that is as fun as reading stories we didn’t create ourselves. So please write more Australian Myths And Legends. Please. We will be forever grateful… until we finish reading them. And then we would want more. I have to go now (actually I don’t but I cant think of nething else to say), but before I do, let me tell you about parts of the stories that I appreciated. My favourite part was the description of King Sitmar… and his rather weak wrist… yes, I got that. HAHA. That was a real laugh, not a sarcastic one. My other favourite parts were… hold on, I think I need to read the stories again. Yes, I remember. (I have just read up to the third chapter) I like how the bears and the reader all see through each others plans… HEHHEHE (again, not sarcastic)

Also, I would like to know whether anyone was actually somewhat aroused by that little penguin interlude. Well, I really must go now, because I want to write an email to my brother. You can email me back if you want. Yay.



PS. I actually have never heard of venereal disease… I should look it up. Oh, I just looked it up. You disgusting person

PPS. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life for four weeks

PPPS. Please find enclosed a drawing that my friend did and sent it to me, in honour of her finishing of the stories. I hope that the colours are right, because my computer screen has gone bung and all the colours are reversed or just completely changed.

fan art

PPPPS. I’m done now J (Hurrah, you say)

Thanks, guys!

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