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Versatile Sabrina

by "Granny", Sun-Herald, 24 Feb 1959

HOW versatile can you be? Everybody, of course, went to meet Sabrina at the Tivoli party. I went to meet Mrs Sykes, mother of Sabrina, a Lancashire trouper and the best pub­licity officer for her daughter one could conceive.

She told me that the box-office winner was born in a Lancashire village, promising nothing as a child.

Then she discovered that Sabrina (christened Norma Anne) was able to earn a few pounds on the stage.

Artists who surrounded her last night found that whoever may have taught her, Sabrina could do a caricature — of herself.

"How many has she done?" I asked Mrs Sykes.
"Thousands I should think."
I asked Emile Mercier. "Are they good?"
Said Emile Mercier; "They're good."

by "Granny", Sun-Herald, 24 Feb 1959

Sabrina caricature

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