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Paul Popper a Czech-born magazine writer and editor, emigrated to London and, building on his professional relationship with many European photographers and his own wide-ranging journalistic talents, established both a photo and literary agency and began to amass a photographic collection which has endured - and flourished - for nearly three-quarters of a century. He wrote features and took photos himself whilst his wife Erica sold them up and down Fleet Street. With Paul Popper's death in 1969, the company was sold. Source

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In February of 2011, a remarkable series of photos started appearing on eBay. I managed to grab the first of them for only $25 (thanks, B.O.O.B.S. contributors!) but then the internet exploded. The second sold for $78. The next hit over $80. The next over $100. One fetched $158! Truly amazing. I have managed to buy a few more since then, but the prices are often prohibitive.

Many thanks to:
- Simeon for improving the images posted on eBay
- Noble Herr Dave N for translating the German captions on the backs of the photos
- The Guy From the Netherlands, for sending me huge scans of the Popper pix he managed to buy

Sabrina's gown

This must be from the Stockcar movie era.

Sabrina top hat

A shot of Sabrina during her 1958 Palladium show - fetched $152 on eBay in April 2011

Sabrina with naval cadets

16 July 1958 - Shy of Sabrina? Naval officer cadets Paul Holland and Michael Stag were too shy to kiss Sabrina last night. "I don't think", said 21 year old Paul, blushing slightly, "that we'd be acting as officers


Sabrina and fans 30 Aug 58

Sabrina - an attraction even for the youngsters

Big attraction at the 25th Radio and Television Show at Earls Court, London was that bosomie bombshell Sabrina.
Yet for a chance it wasn't the men visiting the show who went hounding after her. Instead it was the kids who got the big look-in.
With the girls pushing their young male opponents to one side in a battle to obtain her autograph.


Sabrina and Blackheath Harrier sprinters 1 Nov 1957

Sabrina and Blackheath Harrier sprinters 1 Nov 1957

Thanks to Google Translate for trying to decode the German caption:

The Olympic torch similar to that of the Blackheath Harriers runners from the National Gallery, London, for stirring up a 15m high halloween-fire contributed to the Crystal Palace. Not only the runners were in a hurry, but Sabrina in her pretty tight-fitting equipment that returned by the fastest means of the torches to the Prince of Wales theatre, where Pleasures of Paris is playing.
Halloween night goes back to the time of the Druids, when the evil souls of Saman, the lord of death were summoned. Throughout the centuries, the custom has survived to end on this night (31 October) made a bonfire in which one could supposedly drive away ghosts and witches. The tradition is most strongly preserved in Scotland and Wales.

More news added 18 July 2014 - From this source we find more information... "SABRINA LIGHTS TORCHES IN TRAFALGAR SQUARE - RUNNERS ARRIVE CRYSTAL PALACE AFTER BONFIRE HAS BEEN LIGHTED "

A bonfire was set up in Trafalgar Square to recreate the good old Crystal Palace Firework days. The local Teddy Boys were accused of burning the bonfire down before the big event. However, one teddyboy assures us he was "at the pictures" another was "workin' late last night" and a third was at Norwood. The interviewer asks, "Who do you think could have done it then?" and the shot cuts to a log, slow, ride from Sabrina's feet to her dazzling smile as she lights some Olympic torches for the runners. I don't think this was meant to imply that Teddy-girl Sabrina did the awful deed.

The bonfire seems to have been re-built for Sabrina to light the torches that ignited it.

And, thanks to the advanced Technology™, we have the video of the aborted bonfire olympic hallowe'en event!
Click the stillframe below to see it (6MB, FLV)! [Upgraded 14 Nov 2014]

Sabrina's 1957 halloween bonfire

Sabrina and Marty Wilde, father of Kim Wilde, 7 October 1957

Sabrina and Marty Wilde 1957

Sabrina and Marty Wilde 1957

Sunday School Girl or Sabrina? Marty Chose Sabrina.

Again, thanks to Herr David for the translation of the German caption:

He who is spoilt for choice has, as is well-known, a tough time making that choice.

Here a new rock ‘n’ roll star, Marty Wilde, is agonising over it. While he sang "Honeycomb you’re my baby" to Sabrina at a rehearsal, his girlfriend Rosemary Reid (19) was teaching at Sunday School. She had made him choose between fame and her friendship.  For the time being he’s decided in favour of his stage career and a salary of DM 1800 instead of DM 72, and Sabrina was very impressed by him. But deep in his heart Rosemary does remain the best, who, as he puts it: "is a simple girl and fears losing me to the star-crazy girls. But I am just a simple guy and don’t want to be famous."
Picture: Marty serenades Sabrina – nevertheless his mind's more on Rosemary.

A version of the caption in English appeared on a photo found in 2012. It reads:

Sunday School Girl or Sabrina - Marty chose Sabrina

Yesterday, while 19 year old Rosemary Reid took her usual Sunday school class, her ex-boy friend Marty Wilde, was serenading Sabrina.
Why? Well Rosemary told Marty, the newest rock-and-roll star: "Choose me or the stage" and Marty has chosen the stage.
"Honeycomb you're my baby," he bellowed at Sabrina, beating the brains out of his guitar during a rehearsal yesterday.
Sabrina threw back her shoulders. "I like him," she breathed.
But Marty turned away and sighed. "I just don't know what to do about Rosemary. She's a simple girl, and is afraid she'll lose me to the girls who mob singers. You know what girls are. But I'm a simple guy too. I don't want glamour. Rosemary's my number one girl."
Who'd blame Marty? With his first stage appearance next month, his labourer's pay jumps from £6 to £150. [English pounds]

Photo shows: Marty serenades Sabrina, but it's still Rosemary he's thinking about.
7 Oct 1957

Sabrina at Thoresby Hall 1957

Sabrina Thorseby Hall

Sabrina plays Maid Marian during her visit to Thoresby Hall on 28 March 1957.
See the full Thorseby Hall Sabrina story.

Sabrina at Thoresby Hall

Herr D kindly provided the translation of the caption on the back...

Maid Marian Sabrina sets all eyes a-popping in Sherwood

Thoresby Hall, one of the many stately homes of England – former country homes and palaces of the aristocracy, which are now opened to the public for viewing – was made available to the public yesterday.

The press had been invited to a special first viewing. There was even a champagne breakfast in the old chambers.

However the biggest attraction of the day was Sabrina, the London model, who had come to Thoresby Hall near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire to turn the opening into "something special", and to give the photographers an opportunity to use their flashes.

Picture: Sabrina, as Maid Marian, in front of Thoresby Hall and the statue of Robin Hood. 30th March 1957


Sabrina and Steve Cochran partying in 1957

Sabrina Steve Cochran

Sabrina Steve Cochran

White sausages – not for Sabrina!

A few days ago Sabrina, a TV star from England, came to Munich to:
1) immerse herself in the action of Munich's carnival season;
2) to see mountains up close and real for the first time in her life, and
thirdly to meet her future director, Steve Cochran, who came from Hollywood.

Our picture: Sabrina and Steve Cochran have managed to immerse themselves in the Munich Carnival scene. While Steve gets some refreshment from a "Flaschenbier" [bottled beer], Sabrina waits for the famous Munich white sausages.

Picture 2: the sampling turns out very awkwardly/unfavourably/inauspiciously – for the white sausages!

(Thanks, Dave!)

Sabrina - Variety Club Savoy Hotel 10 April 1956

One Amongst Many

The only woman guest at the Variety Club of Great Britain's luncheon at the Savoy hotel today was Sabrina, the girl who says little but 'looks a lot.'

Photo shows. Sabrina at the luncheon today... and if you think the empty plate is a clue to Sabrina being on a diet, you're wrong. She was just missing the first course because it wasn't to her taste. Next to her is Not Cohen, chief barker of the Variety Club, and on his right, Lord Mancroft, undersecretary of State for Home and Welsh Affairs. Paul Popper Photo. 10 April 1956.

Other references:

When she was guest of honour at the Savoy Luncheon of the Variety Club of Great Britain in April, it was announced: GREAT NEWS OF 1956— SABRINA SPEAKS! Then she stood up and announced to a hall full of men, "This is my maiden speech." (Modern Man, Aug 56)

When she was the guest of honor at the Savoy Luncheon at the Variety Club of Great Britain, it was announced: "GREAT NEWS OF 1956- SABRINA SPEAKS!" (Surprisingly similar! From Bombshells)

According to the Weekly Sporting Review: "At a Variety Club luncheon this dumb blonde astonished the listeners by making a well-worded speech and conducting herself with the dignity of a lady of high standing."


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