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The girl who is a legend in her own lifetime

Foto #44 - year unknown - possibly 1957
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Rotten editors failed to mention the year of this publication and there are precious few clues in any of the text. The only hint is that Sabrina has 'new success in a Prince of Wales Theatre show'. Any suggestions, anyone?


BORN in Lancashire with the perfectly good Yorkshire name of Norma Sykes, the girl they call SABRINA became first a music-hall type of household joke under the directing genius of Big Hearted Arthur Askey, then an object of national curiosity—so much so (thanks to adroit though often unsought publicity) that she is, with Gilbert Harding, probably the only radio and TV-made personality who be guaranteed to stop the traffic in almost any town in Britain if she goes to declare a shop open.


But what is the girl really like who bears the burden of being Sabrina? We found out when she came to a studio for these exclusive studies . . .


Fresh from new success in a Prince of Wales Theatre show, she arrived—in bright blue slacks and a casual, loose-fit jacket—without a trace of the Star about her. She was shy, quiet, anxious to do the right thing before the cameras — demonstrative only when giving generous approval of any suggestion made to help the session along, without a trace of that temperament with which all the Darlings of the Public are usually associated.


She talked about the things any nice girl from next door would have talked about; and was a good listener.


A woman most experienced in photographing 'celebrities' said of her, after a long and patient sitting — "There goes one of the sweetest-at-heart natures I've ever come across ... a genuine person desperately determined to succeed on her own talent, and not upon the gimmick that has made her the unhappy object of curious stares wherever she goes." Sabrina, dear— we hope...and believe ... you'll ‘make it'!


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